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Quand uses NFC technology to maximize the probability that medication compliance is upheld in clinical trial, hospital, and consumer settings.

Medication non-compliance is a widely recognized complication in efforts to increase pharmaceutical product revenues, speed drug development, improve drug effectiveness and contain health care costs, yet it has remained untouched by innovative solutions. Current electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) solutions, including eDiary products often fail as they simply require pressing a button to discontinue an alarm.

Quand addresses this critical failure: the correct medication container must be in hand, thereby increasing the likelihood that a dose has been consumed, and that it was of the appropriate medication. Ensuring compliance goes beyond counting the number of pills taken. It requires an intervention to change consumer behavior and increase the perceived importance of compliance. Managing even simple medication regimens can be a burden, and multi-medication regimens are common. The intervention must provide cues to take medication doses in a highly flexible manner, but it must go beyond cues. It must respond intelligently to a missed cue, and involve the consumer in determining the next appropriate step.

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Toronto, ON

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Robert Momich

Near-field communication based medication compliance software
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